Astrea, the Star Sorceress

Hey! I'm an open source developer who develops tools and bots with (largely) Python. I also enjoy playing video games: my tastes tend to be all over the place, from Minecraft to Persona to Sonic.You might know me from the Realms Playerlist Bot, or just from the Discord Python API sphere in general... or you may not. Regardless, I tend to do technical stuff wherever I go.Feel free to contact me anywhere you can find me - I'm always willing to help and talk!

Basic Facts

Age: 19
Pronouns: she/her or fae/faer (
Trans Lesbian 🌈
Python programmer, hobby writer, causal gamer

Projects, a highly extensible, easy to use, and feature complete bot framework for Discord. Contributor, not project owner.
- Realms Playerlist Bot, a bot that helps out owners of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Realms by showing various statistics related to player join/leaves.
- Ultimate Investigator, a bot made to help automate investigations during Danganronpa/Killing Game roleplays.
- Cherub, an experimental utility bot to do tasks usually not found in other bots.
- Elytra (MS), a Python Library for various Microsoft APIs, including the Xbox and Bedrock Realms APIs.
- Tansy, a Python library that provides different ways of declaring slash commands in that some users may like.
- mc-texture-changes, a repository that automatically tracks and posts updates to textures for each update in Minecraft.
- Get Time Zone, a simple website to get your timezone easily.
- Blurplefied Resource Pack, Minecraft in Discord's Blurple.
- blurpify and blurplefier-standalone, tools for blurplifying any image.

Social Media

Discord (Support/Hangout Server link - account is @astrea.tss)



Mastodon (



I have a Ko-Fi for donations! I use it to further my development on my bots and maybe treat myself every once in a while.


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